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Sheryl Johnson South Dakota Mom for Congress

It's time for a

in Congress!

Sheryl Johnson for Congress

Fighting for your freedoms. Getting things done.
Making Washington work for all South Dakotans.

I’m Sheryl Johnson. I’m a South Dakota Mom running for US Congress.

Career politicians created a version of D.C. that only supports itself and doesn’t listen to us.

It’s time to bring our common-sense voice back to the Capitol.

Railroad bridge over the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota


As South Dakota's only alternative to a career politician in D.C. in the 2024 election, I've been traveling the state and listening to how a broken Congress and rigged system are leaving you and your family behind.

Sheryl Johnson SD Mom for Congress - South Dakota Democratic Candidate for U.S. House of R
Arc of Dreams sculpture and downtown Sioux Falls office buildings


From a gravel road in farm country to a military base during the first Gulf War to raising four daughters, running a small business, and working in the state's largest high school, life has taught me that people need to come before politics. 

2024 Farm Bill

Instead of the poor proposal limping through Congress now, we need a comprehensive approach that supports and sustains South Dakota's agricultural community and working families, meets the needs of our farmers, promotes economic growth, ensures resilient food systems, and feeds those in need. Read more >>>

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