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South Dakota candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Sheryl Johnson


I'm Sheryl Johnson

And I'm the South Dakota Mom running for United States Congress.

I’m a wife, a mom, and a grandma. Although I’ve lived in Sioux Falls for the last 28 years, I grew up along a gravel road in the middle of farm country. My grandparents ran a dairy farm, my dad was an ag loan officer, and my parents were part-time farmers.


After college, I worked in retail management and married the love of my life, Peter. My husband served in the Navy during the first Gulf War, and through that I learned the struggles of being a military spouse, raising a young child while your spouse is deployed to a war zone.


After his honorable discharge, we raised our four daughters and faced life’s joys and losses together. I spent 12 years working at our local high school and recently retired and have enjoyed volunteering in the community.  

I was raised and remained a Republican for many years but became a Democrat as the Republican party shifted away from the ideals of freedom, inclusion, personal responsibility, and fiscal responsibility.  I’ve had the same values all along, but the parties have changed. I didn’t want to belong to a party that used to be about freedom but now is all about control.

​One thing we all can agree on: Congress is broken. It’s the least productive and most paralyzed in modern history, and like you, I’m sick to death of it!


Today, our dysfunctional Congress is filled with career politicians like Dusty Johnson, who is more interested in winning the next election, keeping his mega-donors happy, and sending out flyers (at taxpayer expense!) rather than fixing problems for the people who elected him.

Career politicians rarely get the people's work accomplished. I’m not a career politician. I'm a SD Mom who will fight for what’s right and will work with others regardless of party to fix the mess in Washington. 

aerial view of chester, south dakota

Your priorities are my priorities


As I travel across the state listening to the stories of everyday South Dakotans like you, it's clear that our longtime elected leaders in Washington are failing on the issues that impact you and your family most at home, at the grocery store, and on the job.


The things that matter most to you are what matters most to me. I will carry YOUR priorities to Congress and act on them, not let political tantrums keep the work of the people from getting done.


Find out what your friends and neighbors are telling me they want action on NOW. >>>

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