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"Under God the People Rule"

I see our state motto a lot these days, but this ideal loses its meaning when we have career politicians, and their mega-donors, pushing agendas with little focus on letting “the people rule.”

Stop Career Politicians

I’m Sheryl Johnson. I’m a SD MOM of four wonderful daughters and wife of a proud US veteran. I’m running for US Congress because we need change in DC. I’m tired of the out-of-touch career politicians acting like a bunch of spoiled, selfish children, refusing to work together and GET THINGS DONE. They don’t seem to know that their job is to SERVE “We the People,” NOT the interests of their big money donors! 

Send a MOM

It’s time to send a South Dakota MOM to Congress to clean up the House and bring some much-needed MOM SENSE to our government! Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up and protect our freedom. Someone who will be strong and push for what’s best for South Dakota’s hard-working families, children, farmers, ranchers, and small businesses.

I’ve lived in Sioux Falls for almost 30 years, but I grew up in the country, on the farm, with dirt under my nails and a long list of chores. I went to college, got married, worked hard, raised children, and lived on military bases, including Camp Lejeune, where we couldn’t even drink the water. I was an educator and small business owner. And, of course, I’m a MOM.


I know what everyday working people go through.

I Listen to the People

I’m traveling all over South Dakota, listening. Hearing YOU. My job is to carry YOUR voice to DC and fight like hell so you’ll be heard. You will have this MOM as your advocate, your ally, serving YOU and not the billionaires whose money has absolutely corrupted politics and turned us against each other. Those business tycoons are betting that their career politicians keep winning, keep rigging the system, keep doing what they’ve been doing, in favor of the rich, instead of ordinary, hard-working Americans.                                              


That ends with me.

Send this SD Mom to Congress.

aerial view of chester, south dakota

Your priorities are my priorities


As I travel across the state listening to the stories of everyday South Dakotans like you, it's clear that our longtime elected leaders in Washington are failing on the issues that impact you and your family most at home, at the grocery store, and on the job.


The things that matter most to you are what matters most to me. I will carry YOUR priorities to Congress and act on them, not let political tantrums keep the work of the people from getting done.


Find out what your friends and neighbors are telling me they want action on NOW. >>>

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