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Sheryl listening on the street


Our government doesn't see us

Career politicians in Washington have lost sight of Main Street. They can’t, or won’t, take a look at where we live. They’ve stopped trying to understand what we need and what’s fair.


Career politicians like my opponent take their orders from big-money donors, profit-hungry corporations, and special-interest lobbyists who don't care about South Dakota families. We work too hard but never get ahead because the system is rigged against us…and it's only getting worse.

Right now, I'm traveling all over South Dakota to listen to YOU. To hear what YOU need from Congress. I'm listening to your stories to hear about your struggles so I can carry them with me all the way to DC.


The struggles of YOUR lives are weapons I’ll use to fight back, and fight FORWARD. To make THE government OUR government again. To take back OUR government from the grip of career politicians and billionaires. I’ll fight to make it work for the PEOPLE again.

What I'm hearing from South Dakotans like you

  • PERSONAL FREEDOM. Our bodies, our decisions. The government shouldn't dictate healthcare and reproductive decisions. Women and families must have that liberty.

  • PROPERTY RIGHTS. Your land, your decisions. We must stop eminent domain abuse. Our government shouldn’t allow private companies to grab our land just to boost corporate profits at our expense.

  • HEALTHCARE. We must have easy access to affordable care, and the ability to get the prescriptions we need when we need them without busting our household budgets. All South Dakotans must be able to get the mental health care they need, no matter where they live.

  • BORDER SECURITY. Our borders must be secure to keep Americans safe. We need common-sense laws for legal immigration and lawful entry.

  • FARMERS, RANCHERS, AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT. Our farmers and ranchers are the backbone of rural South Dakota. They must have the support they need. We need policies that allow American producers get fair prices at home and have access to worldwide markets.

  • ECONOMIC GROWTH. South Dakota needs more good jobs that pay well. We need federal business development efforts to support our rural communities. We need balanced business regulations that protect consumers and the environment, while not overburdening family farms and small businesses.

  • EDUCATION. Our public schools must prepare our kids for whatever they want to do and compete at the highest level. When they decide to be farmers, doctors, mechanics, ranchers, or anything else, we need policies that support them in their next steps. We need a financial aid system that makes sure everyone has an opportunity to get the degree or the training they need and without taking on crippling debt.

  • ENVIRONMENT. We need common-sense, thoughtful conservation and sustainable farming policy to make sure we can always depend on our land to keep Americans safe and well-fed.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT. Congress must guarantee that the needs of Rural America are met. Infrastructure improvements mean economic development and viability in so much of South Dakota. We need good roads and bridges. We need high-speed internet, everywhere, with access to the best technology to go along with good old South Dakota hard work and know-how.

Sheryl talking with Native family
Sheryl leaning down to chat with a South Dakota resident wearing a ball cap
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